Our Family

We feel so blessed to have an amazing family. Merik has blessed our lives in ways that words cannot express. We are so grateful for the selfless birthparents who entrusted us with the most amazing gift. We truly treasure every moment of parenthood. We are so excited for the day when Merik will become a big brother. We know that the little brother or sister that comes into our family will feel so blessed to have Merik as their big brother. He is the sweetest and happiest baby. He loves to laugh, play, eat, and coo. He is so much fun. Our family is full of so much love, joy, and adventure. Our extended family is the most loving and supportive family anyone could ask for. We have 25 nieces and nephews, 1 great niece, 1 great nephew, 3 living grandparents, 6 siblings and 6 sibling-in-laws, and 4 amazing parents between the two of us. There is so much love and friendship in our family. We are excited for the adventures that awaits us as we continue with the journey of adoption and someday complete our little family.

Thank you to birth mothers....

Thank you so much for visiting our adoption blog. We know that this is a difficult time for you. Although we cannot possibly understand everything that you are going through, we know that it takes great love and selflessness to consider adoption. We know that it is a huge responsibility for someone to trust us to care for their child. We promise to live our lives in a way that would be worthy of that trust. We pray for birth mothers everyday and hope that we will get to know and love you. We want you to know that we have strong family values. Our religion is centered around the importance of family. We believe that the greatest joy that we can ever experience in life will be found in our family. We are dedicated to having a home full of principles such as forgiveness, fun, hard work, faith, and love. Thank you for helping us have the family that we have dreamed of yet are unable to have on our own.

How we met...

Drew and I met as children in our church sunday school class. Although we never dated growing up we were friends and always admired one another. After Drew returned home from serving a church mission in Orlando, Florida we started to really strengthen our friendship. We became best friends and spent nearly everyday together for a year before we started dating. One day we got brave and confesesd our true feelings for one another and began dating. Eight months later we were married in the Mesa, Arizona temple. We will have been married for a little over four years. We truly feel so blessed to be married to our best friend.

Amy as my wife (defined by Drew)

Amy has made me the happiest man on earth. She is so beautiful in every way. She is my best friend and and strongest support. I admire the way Amy cares for everyone and is always striving to lift and encourage people to be their best selves. She truly makes me want to be the best man I can be. It isn't any wonder why Amy holds leadership roles in both church and work environments. People love Amy and they love the way they feel when they are around her. She has a way of making all she comes in contact with feel comfortable being themselves. Amy was recently in charge of all the children at our church. Her role included overseeing the children's Sunday school classes each Sunday, planning fun activities during the week, and helping the children's teachers become better leaders and role models. Amy loves the children she served. The kids love her too not only for her fun personality, and the games, lessons, and activities she prepares for them but for the sincere love and concern they can feel from her. Amy and I now serve the young single adults in our church. This new role is perfect for Amy. She loves planning parties for them and making them all feel loved. Amy's co-workers love her as well. She works as a pediatric Registered Nurse and recently resigned as nurse Supervisor. Amy was a great influence on her staff. She stepped down so that she could work a lot less hours and spend her time in her new role as a mother. Amy is so supportive of me in all my endeavors with work, school, and my church responsibilities, and she never passes an opportunity to help me with any of those things. We love to play together and Amy is the best, always willing to try new things even mountain biking with me. I actually think she likes it! She is the best wife and best mother.

Amy as a mother (defined by Drew)

Amy is a the best mom. She is so loving, patient, and kind. When Amy and I were dating she was working full time as a nanny for two wonderful girls Emily and Camille. I was able to see Amy play with them, teach them, discipline them, and tend to thier every need. I knew then that Amy would be an awesome mom. I saw the love that those two girls had for Amy and I now see Merik display that same love. Since Amy and I have been married we have wanted children so badly but certain complications have made it difficult and even impossible to have our own. The challenges that have prevented us from having children have made us appreciate so much more the opportunity to be parents. I dont know anyone who loves being a mother more than my wife. In her free time she reads books like The Happiest Baby on the Block to help her be be an even better Mom. Amy loves every second that she spends with Merik. He brings so much joy into her life.

Drew (defined by Amy)

Drew is the best. He is an amazing husband and father. Besides being so handsome, he is loving, supportive, and fun. He is also an awesome friend, son, brother, and uncle. I love his enthusiasm for life and great sense of adventure. He loves mountain biking, running, baseball, and being outdoors. I love how he has taught me how to be adventurous and spontaneous. Drew is known for his cleanliness and organizational skills. He is a very hard worker. I love how he takes great pride in having the nicest yard in the neighborhood! It makes him so happy. Currently Drew is working and attending school. He graduates this December with a degree in exercise and wellness. He is excited to have a career dedicated to serving others. If he isn't playing with Merik, working in our yard, or studying Drew is helping a friend or neighbor in need with any spare time he might have. I love him so much and I offer a prayer of gratitude each day for the wonderful friend and husband that Drew is to me.

Drew as a father (defined by Amy)

Drew is an amazing father. He was a little nervous at first when it came to his dad abilities... but after graduating daddy boot camp he felt prepared to take on the spit-up, diapers, and swaddling! He is so loving with Merik. I love watching Merik as he smiles and reaches out for his dad. Drew is the most patient, loving, and fun dad any child could ever hope for. He loves teaching Merik new things and is so proud of every milestone Merik reaches. They have a very special bond with one another. They love to play together. Some of their favorite things do are go for walks around the neighborhood, jog with the running stroller, wrestle, play with rocks and dirt, and of course play ball. When I watch Drew tackle all of the tasks of parenthood he looks like such a natural. Merik loves his "dada" so much. Nothing makes me happier than to see my boys smiling and playing together. Merik and his future siblings are so lucky to have Drew as their father. He is the best dad!